Restarting Tentacle

Short post this time. I was reviewing the newsletter for Ocotopus Deploy and came across an article on automatically restarting Octopus Tentacle services.

I liked the idea but as part of my automate all the things preference at the moment I thought it should be possible to do this without getting an GUI involved. Fortunately this is easily possible. Start a console/cmd session with suitable Administrator rights and type the following:

sc failure "OctopusDeploy Tentacle" reset=0 actions= restart/0/restart/0/restart/0

This happily set the first / second / subsequent failure actions. 1i

sc config "OctopusDeploy Tentacle" start= delayed-auto

To set the startup to ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’ 2i

Hopefully this helps someone and/or makes me internet famous if it hits the Octopus Deploy newsletter! I might even check how hard it is to use the Ocotopus script console to run it.


Script console worked well. Just used the following powershell to update a bunch of tentacles.

#Enable automatic recovery of *Tentacle* services
$TentaclesServices = Get-Service | Where-Object {$ -like '*Tentacle*'}
foreach($Tentacle in $TentaclesServices) {
    Write-Host Update serivce options for : $Tentacle.Name
    Write-Host `tDelayed start...
    sc.exe config $Tentacle.Name start= delayed-auto
    Write-Host `tRecovery options...
    sc.exe failure $Tentacle.Name reset=0 actions= restart/0/restart/0/restart/0
    Write-Host 'Complete'
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