Hello World!

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So in my ongoing quest to become a better developer I’ve decided I should be reading less and doing more. Reading blogs has helped improved both my code and general development practices but ultimately I’m going to learn more by trying things out for myself.

In the past my participation in side projects could be easily explained…. The side projects experience!

This isn’t likely to change but I’ll be taking the time to upload some of these experiments/side projects to github (learning more git along the way) and hope that someone else can benefit from them too.

I’ll also be posting the odd troubleshooting tip when I come across particularly annoying or hard to track down issues. Progress is likely to be slow initially due the arrival of son 1.0 but…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

So here’s to writing more and learning some markdown ASAP. (Although this post itself is step 1).

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